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Railway ndt

There is a railway network of over 33,000 kilometres only in Germany. Every year, billions of travellers trust the railway for a comfortable and safe travel experience.

The freight traffic also profits from the good railway network and the functioning infrastructure, which takes place significantly via the railway. Zeros supports the railway network as a competent partner with a large bandwidth for material testing procedures.

We continuously encounter new challenges in the process: The material in rail traffic must always withstand higher loads. Alloys must be constantly optimized and new materials created. With individually developed unconventional testing scenarios, we keep up with the requirements of our customers.

We are certified according to DIN 27201-7 and have additionally gotten the theoretical and practical application of these norms audited by an independent and recognized body.

As NDT competence office, we support you according to ECM and undertake the tasks of the NDT-testing department, inclusive of the workshop audits and technical training of employees in the scope of the DIN 27201-7.
Furthermore, we deploy supervision and testing personnel in the stages 2 + 3 with modern device techniques for the testing of railway components.

At a glance

  • Magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Visual testing (VT)
  • Penetration testing (PT)
  • Eddy current testing (ET)